Within high challenge, this style of Bodies and each brand of person proper is threatened in the event that all of our foes allow

Within high challenge, this style of Bodies and each brand of person proper is threatened in the event that all of our foes allow

“I have, as all the commonly concur, a free Bodies, in which all of the child is entitled to be equal with each most other man. ” –August twenty two, 1864 Message towards the A hundred Sixty-last Ohio Regiment

All advocate out of thraldom without a doubt would like to see blasted, and crushed, the freedom guaranteed the new black son from the new constitution. –November 14, 1864 Page to help you Stephen A beneficial. Hurlbut


Inside sad realm of ours, sorrow involves every; and, with the more youthful, referring which have bitterest misery, since it requires him or her unawares. –December 23, 1862 Page so you’re able to Fanny McCullough

We pray which our Heavenly Father get assuage the brand new pain from your own bereavement, and leave you simply the fresh cherished memory of your own loved and you will destroyed, therefore the solemn pleasure that must be your personal to possess placed therefore pricey a compromise through to brand new altar regarding liberty. –Late. 21, 1864 Page so you’re able to Lydia Bixby


I believe it is a reliable maxim during the morals that he who makes an assertion lacking the knowledge of be it real or incorrect, was responsible for falsehood; and accidental information of one’s assertion, does not justify or reason him. –August eleven, 1846 Letter to Allen Letter. Ford

Assist no child deciding on the legislation for a needing the second submit to the favorite trust — take care of the thing is after all events; while in your own judgment you simply cannot become a genuine attorney, look after the thing is without being an attorney. –July step 1, 1850 [?] Notes for a law Lecture

Let reverence towards the guidelines, feel breathed because of the every American mommy, for the lisping girl, you to definitely anonymous men seeking women hookup prattles on her behalf lap — allow it to feel educated for the universities, during the seminaries, as well as in colleges; allow it to be written in Primers, spelling courses, plus Almanacs; — allow it to feel preached regarding pulpit, stated within the legislative halls, and you may enforced within the process of law off justice. And you will, in a nutshell, give it time to become the political religion of the country; and you will allow the dated additionally the young, this new steeped therefore the poor, the latest grave and the homosexual, of all men and women and you will tongues, and colors and conditions, give up unceasingly upon its altars. –January 27, 1838 Lyceum Target

In-law it’s a good policy not to beg what you need not, lest your oblige yourself to show what you can not. –February 20, 1848 Letter in order to Usher Linder

A prominent rule on the attorneys, as for the child of every most other calling, is diligence. Get off absolutely nothing to have so you can-morrow that can be done in order to-time. –July step 1, 1850 [?] Notes to possess a legislation Lecture

Dissuade litigation. Convince your locals to compromise if you possibly could. Point out to her or him how the affordable champ is normally a great genuine loser — from inside the charge, expenditures, and you can total waste of time. Due to the fact a good peacemaker the fresh attorneys keeps an exceptional opportunity to be a great guy. There may nevertheless be business sufficient. –July 1, 1850 [?] Cards to own a laws Lecture

Never stir up legal actions. A bad child is barely be found than person who really does this. Who’ll become more nearly a fiend than just he which habitually overhauls the fresh new check in of deeds seeking faults inside headings, whereon to stir up strife, and put profit his pocket? –July step 1, 1850 [?] Notes having a law Lecture

Help no young man choosing the legislation to have a calling for the second submit to the favorite religion — resolve to be honest after all occurrences; incase in your own view you simply cannot feel a genuine attorney, look after the thing is without being a lawyer. –July 1, 1850 [?] Cards for a rules Lecture